Greens from Sayab Farm

Anyone for lettuce?

For the more common vegetables greens like lettuce, chard, spinach and peppers, and also tomatoes etc., we often buy from Sayab Farm also located in the Cayo District of Belize. I like sourcing my greens from here as I do visit them from time to time and am able to see their operation in action. Utilizing large greenhouses, the produce is kept safe from extreme weather and is virtually pest free.

All the crops are tended to and harvested by hand yielding really high quality results. Whenever I visit, one of my delights is being able to walk along the rows of growing greens and break off the odd leaf and taste the flavour and freshness of their crops. This is nearly always followed by me asking for a few pounds of whatever I’ve just been tasting — often everything they have in season at the time!

The cool thing on this farm is to see how although the father taught his sons the more recent way of farming including using chemicals, the sons are now in their turn, teaching their father, how to grow vegetables organically, in green houses with zero use of pesticides.