Stone Grill Cooking – A New Trend?

Being a chef I am always intrigued about the evolution or food.

Where did it all start? When was the change from eating just to survive, till dining as a social aspect of life and for the foodies under us, as a being (almost) the most enjoyable thing to do with your free time.

At some point in time our ancestors decided that heating up your raw meat for a certain amount of time made the meat more enjoyable and easier to digest.

Most likely, like all great inventions happened, this happened by accident. I envision the following; A piece of Mammoth meat hunted down by Mr. Cavemen fell in the fire and was picked up by the much more inventive Mrs. Cave lady the day after. She decided it tasted much better than the raw meat. Probably it was pretty burned and black at the first attempt and over time they figured out that controlling the heat was the way to go.

The smart cave lady burnt her fingers once at the hot stones in their fire pit after the fire went out and came with the great idea to cook their juicy mammoth on a hot stone.

This is in reality more or less how it happened. In many ancient cultures, from the Native American to some Asian cultures and from the Greeks to the Mayans, there are indications that they actually cooked their food on hot stones. Some times buried under a load of dirt and sometimes just in the open, grilling it on a stone.

So what we are doing at ‘Love on the Rocks’, our stone grill restaurant, is absolutely nothing new. It’s just the cave man instinct in all of us combined with much more up to date culinary technology.

At Love on the Rocks We provide you with a stone that has been heated in a special oven for more than 6 hours to the temperature of 700F.

We also give you a choice of locally grown grass fed beef or the freshest seafood accompanied by some great sauces and garnishes.

We even give you Micah and Leticia who will assist you in cooking your meal on the hot stone directly at your table.

This truly unique cooking experience surely isn’t just a new trend, It has been around forever.

There is absolute clear historic proof of that in a well-documented Hannah Barbara research to confirm my theory.

This is  where cave man FRED instructs his Cave Lady WILMA to cook his meal for him on a hot stone stove… is in Wikipedia so it has to be true….just look it up…….


Chef Rob